The Feathercoin Development Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Zug, Switzerland, an area that has become known as Crypto Valley. Our mission is to foster the development and acceptance of Feathercoin.

WHAT IS Feathercoin

Feathercoin is the brainchild of Peter Bushnell, who released the coin to the public in April 2013. The coin was initially derived from Litecoin, which itself was a modified version of Bitcoin, with the aim of giving users more freedom to choose from a variety of available coins.


Since then, Feathercoin has adopted some unique features such as its neoscrypt hashing algorithm which is ASIC resistant, making it feasible for everyone to mine at home on a graphic card.


Board of directors

  • Peter Bushnell (UK)

  • Lucas Betschart (CH)

  • Oliver Wolfensberger (CH)

  • Stephan Masek (CH)


  • Lucas Betschart (CH)


Email: info@feathercoin.foundation

Twitter: @FTCFoundation

Address: Gotthardstrasse 26, CH-6300 Zug